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What is Coaching?

It’s a relationship – a partnership between you and your coach that inspires, encourages and supports you as you discover your desire and potential to accomplish the goals and results that you value.

Coaching is the belief that everyone has the answers within themselves, they just need help accessing and identifying them. Therefore a coach will ask you thought provoking questions for you to reflect upon until you discover the answer(s) to move forward.

How can Coaching help me?

Some of the reasons people have come to us for coaching are:

  • They want clarity around what is holding them back.
  • They want to achieve a specific goal or project.
  • They want to grow personally and/or professionally.
  • They want to work through a current challenge
  • They want someone to help keep them focused and accountable.
  • They want to improve their performance or gain a new skill.
  • They want to move out of their comfort zone and have someone there to guide them.
  • They want to develop better work-life balance

Coaching is proven to deliver faster onboarding in new roles, faster leadership development, and higher emotional intelligence.

New managers benefit significantly from coaching to develop leadership skills and avoid common pitfalls when entering the new role.

Ultimately, coaching can help you move forward faster and achieve the results you are looking for.

Coaching Programs:

At Live to Learn, we offer a customized approach to Coaching.

It starts with an introductory call to ensure there is a relationship “fit” by identifying your current goals and challenges, and defining the scope of the coaching program. Once the relationship is established, subsequent sessions are scheduled as agreed upon.

Our program packages include a variety of tools, resources, assessments, and support to help you achieve your desired results. Best practices indicate a commitment of at least 6 x 1-hour sessions are required to experience significant positive outcomes.

While our coaching programs emphasize gaining clarity, taking action, staying accountable and following through to get results, how you get there is ultimately up to you.

Contact us today for a coaching conversation and begin your journey to an exciting new level of clarity and growth.