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Leadership provides vision and guidance, motivation and inspiration, and empowers people to realize their individual potential. Every organization is faced with unique challenges, each of which may require a different combination of leadership skills.

Organizational success depends on the leadership of people at every level. Managers may have influence due to the authority of their position and title. Leaders have influence because people choose to follow them. The challenge for all leaders today is to gain the respect, trust, enthusiasm and commitment of their employees.

Please take a look below for the program that best suits you and your team!

Leadership/Management Development Program

Our Leadership/Management Development Programs are designed to help individuals increase their productivity and ability to manage people, processes and performance within a complex and changing workplace.

As with most of our programs, the LDP/MDP is customized to address your specific training needs. The program has been especially successful when implemented in modular form over a period of time. Using this approach participants have the opportunity to apply the skills and concepts learned and share success stories at subsequent sessions.

We suggest including some of the following components in your program:

  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Performance Management
  • Providing Positive & Constructive Feedback
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Respecting Differences
  • Communicating for Results
  • Effectively Delegating
  • Time Management
  • Team Building
  • Managing Conflict
  • Building Trust

SLll® Concepts

SLII® is the world’s most taught leadership model because it works! The model and content remain proven, authoritative and transformative. The foundation of SLII® lies in teaching leaders to set appropriate goals based on task, diagnose the needs of an individual or a team, and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person, team and the situation. Participants are introduced to the model of SLII® in an engaging and informative way. The training is fast paced, content rich and provides a meaningful overview of SLII® concepts. The skills learned in this program are reinforced with video case study and videos on SMART goals and other skills.

Everything DiSC® Management

Everything DiSC Management helps managers bring out the best in each employee.

Participants will complete the Everything DiSC Management Profile as pre-work. Throughout the program, participants utilize their personalized, 26-page Everything DiSC Management assessment, which helps managers understand themselves, their employees and their managers. Using this new and simple intuitive learning model, participants recognize and understand the styles of the people they manage. The result is managers who adapt their styles to manage more effectively.

Five vital areas are the focus of the session:

  • Introduction To Their Management Style - participants review their profile and learn how their DiSC style affects their management styles. They examine their unique priorities as managers and learn how to identify the DiSC styles of the people they manage.

  • Directing and Delegating - participants learn their strengths and challenges when directing and delegating others. They learn how to adjust to fit the needs of the people they manage.

  • Motivation - participants discover how their DiSC style affects the motivation of others. They learn to identify and adapt to increase another person’s other’s motivation.

  • Developing Others - participants learn about their natural styles of developing others. They also discover the development preferences for each DiSC style and how to accommodate each style.

  • Working with Their Manager - participants learn to modify their approach to meet the needs and preferences of their manager. They increase their ability to influence and communicate effectively with their managers.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders provides a simple, compelling process that helps leaders get real results. The program improves self-awareness in key areas that will help you get better outcomes as a leader.

Where did Work of Leaders come from?
This program is based on a four-year development effort that began by analyzing and distilling the work of leadership researchers from the last three decades. With the help of 300 subject matter experts from more than 150 organization, we identified a specific set of leadership best practices.

Participants will complete the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile as pre-work. Throughout the program, participants utilize their personalized, 23-page Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment, to engage in a highly interactive facilitated session which uses contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.

Work of Leaders: Vision, Alignment, and Execution
Work of Leaders provides a simple, three-step process to help you reflect on how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: Creating a Vision, building Alignment around that vision, and championing Execution of the vision.

  • Vision - The work of leaders includes crafting a vision of new possibilities for the future through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions

  • Alignment - Leaders build alignment by communicating with clarity, engaging in dialogue, and providing inspiration, so everyone is moving in the same direction.

  • Execution - Finally, leaders need to champion execution through momentum, structure, and feedback, to enable the group to capitalize on its talents while making the vision a reality.

    Work of Leaders helps leaders take action with personalized tips and strategies that give clear direction and are easy to apply. Context-specific feedback and developmental steps along with helpful case-in-point narratives show how progress can play out in real life.