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Communication Effectiveness

“75% of what we hear is misunderstood, distorted, forgotten, or ignored.”

We all come to the table with a different set of experiences, circumstances, education and values & beliefs. No wonder “Communications” is the biggest challenge in most organizations!

Proficiency in communication skills is critical to success.

Communication is a 2-way street – to understand and to be understood. Our communication programs offer practical tools to overcome communication barriers such as selective attention, selective interpretation and selective retention. Employees benefit by practicing the various components of communications through participation in a powerfully interactive workshop.

Please take a look below for the program that best suits you and your team!

Active Listening

Most of us are not effective listeners. While at work, we normally listen at only 25% of listening capacity. Most of us think we are effective listeners, and yet very few of us actually think about or practice this crucial component of communication. Aside from breathing, humans listen more than anything.

This workshop will help you learn to listen better on a daily basis and to identify your particular listening style. Understanding your listening style and that of others, will help you adjust your own behaviour to improve your listening ability to listen and communicate with others. Everyone can improve their listening skills if they have the desire, interest and high level of concentration, self discipline and positive attitude.

Understand the importance of effective listening skills

  • Determine which communication barriers hamper our listening effectiveness
  • Describe the five Listening Approaches including the focus, motivation, and behavioural indicators of each
  • Identify your natural Listening Approach and appropriate uses of each Listening Approach
  • Review and practice techniques that will enhance your listening skills and improve your communication with others

Effective Meetings

Meetings – too many , too long, boring, unnecessary, poorly planned, sorely conducted, missing the point, having no point!

Despite these typical complaints, meetings are an essential part of organizational life. Meetings are the primary arena for the exchange of information, problem solving and decision making that is necessary to carry out the work of the organization. With the move toward increased employee involvement, participative management and team based cultures, the need for high performance meetings is greater than ever.

High performance meetings don’t just happen. They are the result of advanced planning, skillful facilitation of the meeting, and follow through.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • Guidelines for planning and conducting successful meetings
  • Meetings skills for both leaders and participants
  • The importance of follow up: documentation, dissemination and action items
  • How to use a variety of meeting tools

Managing Challenging Conversations

Whether it is voicing an unpopular opinion, providing constructive feedback or bringing an issue to light, there are factors to take into consideration to ensure respect is maintained during every conversation we engage in.

During this highly interactive workshop, participants will practice:

  • Expressing thoughts and feelings with clarity
  • Speaking up when their needs are not being met
  • Asking for and offering quality feedback
  • Overcoming resistance and influencing others

This workshop helps individuals enhance their interpersonal communication skills through practice, feedback, and preparing for challenging conversations.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The MBTI® instrument is used for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others.

The MBTI® family of tools is available in 21 languages and helps to:

  • Improve individual and team performance
  • Nurture and retain top talent
  • Develop leadership at every level of an organization
  • Reduce workplace conflict
  • Explore the world of work

As a qualified MBTI Practitioner, Live to Learn offers group workshops as well as individual coaching sessions both in-person and virtually.