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PXT Select – Hire Smarter. Engage Fully.

Organizational success begins with matching talent to opportunity. Whether you’re searching for your next hire, succession planning, or engaging your workforce, PXT Select ™ is here to help. Our powerful tool is designed to connect business strategy to talent strategy in order to drive results by aligning people to roles based on the traits most important to perform successfully.

With PXT Select, hire smarter and engage fully.

How We Can Help You:

  • Simplify the hiring and selection process
  • Engage your talent.
  • Reduce hiring bias.
  • Replicate top performers.
  • Decrease the cost of bad hires.
  • Cut down turnover.

The PXT Select Difference

  • Simple: A simple solution trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide to help them find the right people for the right roles, at any point of the employee lifecycle.
  • Human: Through the use of innovative adaptive testing we offer a personalized assessment experience, and a personalized interview experience tailored to each candidate.
  • Smart: Built on 20+ years of research and rigorous validation, prioritizing quality with scientific data.
  • Trusted Partnership: At Live to Learn we provide organizations like yours with expert knowledge and experience implementing solutions that drive business results.
  • Powered by Wiley: PXT Select is fueled by over 40+ years of assessment-backed expertise and 200+ years of publishing excellence.

One Assessment. Four Simple Steps.

Know the Job
Hiring managers and recruiters are often not aligned on the job requirements prior to casting the recruiting net.

Our breadth of performance models can help get everyone on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for, and the traits required to be successful in the role.
Know the Candidate
Without the right tools, or without the right data, making objective hiring decisions can be daunting.

Data driven candidate insights help managers assess how well candidates fit the job requirements, and make better informed talent decisions.

Know the Fit
Hiring the wrong person can be risky and expensive.

With our unique Job Fit feature, we help to objectively compare candidates against the chosen benchmark to understand how well they fit the role requirements.

Know Your People
It takes effort to hire the right person. Setting them up for long term success requires even more.

Our full suite of reports provides a path to employee engagement. Engage your workforce by helping managers onboard, coach, and develop their people to their full potential.