PXT Select™ Step 2: ASSESS | Know the Candidate

Step 2: ASSESS | Know the Candidate

Knowing who to put through the interviewing or selection process can be daunting. Resumes, references, experience, or reputation may look great, but how do you know what’s below the surface? And let’s be honest – selecting someone for a job whether it’s an external hire, or an internal promotion or lateral move, is not an easy task. It takes time to prepare, experience to know what to ask or listen for, and the process can be intimidating if you’re not an expert interviewer. Asking insightful questions is just one piece. Remaining objective and knowing what to listen for is every bit as important. But don’t worry, we can help.

The PXT Select™ assessment asks candidates to respond to a set of questions to determine their fit to the position. The higher the overall Job Fit result, the better the fit to the role. Hiring managers can reach out to the most qualified candidates and advance them in the selection process. Assessment results include personalized questions to probe for how candidates might respond in different situations, especially in areas where the person doesn’t quite fit the model. This can provide insight that will help hiring managers better assess the fit with the team and organization.

Recommended Tools for This Step in the Process:

Comprehensive Selection Report
This report allows you to compare a single individual against the performance model for a given joband determine how well suited they may be for it. It also includes customized interview questions based on the candidate’s data so hiring managers can interview with confidence.

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Leadership Report
This report provides insight into a candidate's leadership potential and their approach to meeting challenges. It features their potential leadership strengths and challenges, as well as customized interviewing questions to help hiring managers understand the approach candidates will bring to guiding their teams and shaping their organization.

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Sales: Comprehensive Report
This report provides the same benefit as the Comprehensive Selection report, but with a focus on sales positions to help you select the right salespeople for your sales team.

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How We Can Help You:

Personalized Candidate Questions
Candidate assessment data helps managers address specific questions about their strengths and challenges helping them make the right selection decision.

Reduced Time to Hire
Knowing who to advance in the candidate selection process helps make talent decisions faster and more effectively.

Unbiased Perspective
Leaning on objective data helps you stay away from personal biases during the candidate selection process so you can make talent decisions fairly and consistently.