DiSC Classic®

Please note, the Everything DiSC suite of products are the most current and most accurate DiSC assessments. However if you prefer to continue using the legacy DiSC® Classic products, they are still currently available.

DiSC® Classic is a multi-level learning instrument that helps individuals assess to what degree they utilize each Dimension of Behaviour in a situation. DiSC® provides a nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioural issues. It helps people explore behaviour across four primary dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

The instrument then provides feedback designed to help people in your organization:

  • Build productive teams
  • Develop effective managers
  • Improve a powerful sales force
  • Increase customer service
  • Ease frustration and conflict
  • DiSC Classic® is available in paper form and on-line.

The Facilitation Toolkit

The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System is a powerful tool built to help you succeed with DiSC and offers versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organizational issues.

The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System’s powerful features include:

Flexibility. The modular design helps consultants and trainers, from novice to advanced, create DiSC-based solutions of any scope — fast!

Convenience. The powerful combination of Course Outlines and Insight Modules including Effective Communication, Conflict, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Management Effectiveness, and Team Effectiveness will get you up and running right out of the box.

Experiential Learning. The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System includes more than 20 individual and group exercises, plus alternative activities that let you tailor programs to your style and the needs of your audience.

Integrated DVD. The Insight Modules include facilitation of the major portions of the DVD, or you can easily incorporate it into your existing DiSC training. The DVD is menu-based and offers multiple viewing options for each of its four sections:

  • Pure Styles. You’ll meet four characters who represent the four DiSC styles. The characters provide an overview of their behavior and describe their goals, fears, preferred environment, and response to conflict.
  • The Meeting. You’ll see a team in conflict, one-on-one discussions between a manager and each team member, and a successful resolution.
  • Effective Communication. You’ll see examples of how an HR manager fails to communicate effectively, and then improves by adapting his communication style to the DiSC styles of four individuals.
  • Natural Styles. You’ll get informal, unscripted responses to eight questions from people of all four DiSC styles, as well as a conversation between two opposite styles and a People-Reading activity.

DiSC® Classic Facilitator Report

If you are conducting a workshop which includes the utilization of the DiSC® Classic profile, you can further customize your session by viewing the facilitator report prior to the session. This facilitator report is designed to help you better understand the diversity of interpersonal styles within your group so that you can help participants use their DiSC® knowledge most effectively.

DiSC® Classic Group Culture Report

Just as individuals have unique styles, groups also tend to develop their own unique styles or cultures. This culture is an informal combination of behaviours, values, and attitudes that most people in the group take for granted. Put in the simplest terms, culture is “the way we do things.” Although not everybody agrees with or flows with the culture, most group members feel the pressure that a culture exerts to act in a certain way. DiSC does not address all elements of culture, but it helps you understand many important needs, goals, fears, emotions, and behaviours within your culture.